Workflow graphic describing how a student will take a universal protocol for accommodations online, results will show optimal reading method, and administrators receive reports.

Identify their path to understanding

Over 50% of students who are reading below grade level can access grade-level text independently with a reading accommodation.* uPAR identifies these students through an automated online process—showing their path to understand text through listening (”ear” reading) compared to traditional “eye” reading. The effect? Students gain access to grade level text for real inclusion outcomes!

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Use uPAR to

Help Students with Dyslexia

Over 50% of students reading below grade level (many who have dyslexia) can comprehend grade-level text by listening to it read aloud. See how to identify these students.

Give Access to grade-level text

With a reliable method to identify which students could benefit from read-aloud accommodations, more students can get the supports they need to access grade-level text.

Drive Inclusion Outcomes

When schools have a process to first identify student needs, and only then deliver tools, they can be confident that the tools will get the right inclusion outcomes.

Key Features

Show What Works Icon

Show “what works”

Helps students gain independent access to the curriculum by showing their reading comprehension abilities with a read aloud accommodation.

Individualized Data Icon

Individualized Data

Recommendations are based on what each student needs to best understand text.

Research Based Icon


uPAR grew out of research by Dr. Denise DeCoste and Linda Bastiani Wilson as well as real-world implementation in school districts across North America.

Data for IEPs Icon

Data for IEPs

Provides clarity for IEP recommendations including testing accommodations. Data can be printed or saved to include in IEP documentation.

Widespread Adoption Icon

Widespread Adoption

Adoption of uPAR is growing with district and state-level support (where the uPAR process is written into state accessibility requirements).

Faster Recheck Icon

Faster Recheck

Less reading passages required than the original version—giving you more accurate data faster with less testing fatigue.

Extra Time Icon

“Extra Time” Tracking

Extra time is the most common testing accommodation. Now uPAR gives you data about extra time to read independently compared listening to text read aloud with a text reader.

Faster Implementation Icon

Faster Implementation

Simpler student setup and less reading passages required than the original version—giving you more accurate data faster with lest testing fatigue.

Feedback to Students Icon

Feedback to Students

uPAR provides feedback directly to the students during the process and useful data is shared directly with the student—helping them lead their own learning.

uPAR Pricing

Educators and parents get free access with one or more students set up.


Group of students across a school or district

$$6.30 per license /yr

*Minimum order of 150 licenses


UDL “Domain” Implementation for K-12

$1.10 per license/yr

* Minimum order required. If you require more than 10,000 licenses contact Sales to discuss pricing tiers.

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