Co:Writer kickstarts the writer inside with word prediction, translation, and speech recognition.

Kickstarting the Writer Inside

Co:Writer Universal (for Google Chrome and iOS) uses grammar-smart and vocabulary-smart word prediction, translation support, and speech recognition to help unstick ideas and get them to flow in writing.

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Your Toolkit, Their Path to Writing

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How it Works

Co:Writer helps give you the words and phrases you’re intending as you type—even if your grammar and spelling are way off. Just type a letter or two and Co:Writer “predicts” words and phrases in real time.

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Neuron Word Prediction™

Co:Writer’s new Neuron™ prediction engine follows the natural relationships of ideas and concepts in the brain. When writing on a topic, Co:Writer automatically understands the topic area and predicts ahead using topic-specific vocabulary. Read more on our blog.

Animation shows the Co:Writer Neuron Word Prediction tool

Speech Recognition

Click on the microphone and speak. Co:Writer will turn it into text right before your eyes on Google Drive, email, and across the web. It even reads the dictated text aloud. Watch 2 Minute Demo

Animation shows the Co:Writer Speech Recognition tool

Test Mode for Assessments

Co:Writer is ready for your students who use writing accommodations on the state assessment. Select your state assessment (over 50 embedded) and Co:Writer automatically adjusts over 35 features to comply with testing accommodation requirements.   Download the guide, and learn more at our blog.

Screenshot shows the Co:Writer Test Mode for Assessments tool


Turn around phonetic and inventive spellings of even the least sound-outable English spellings like elephant or rhythm.

Animation shows the Co:Writer FlexSpell tool


Write on over 4 million topics from atomic structure to penguins—Co:Writer automatically pulls in the academic and topic-specific vocabulary—which helps when spelling words like ionization. Watch 3 Minute Demo

Animation shows the Co:Writer (topic-specific) Vocabulary tool


Get word prediction across languages with the right tense and conjugations. Supports Spanish, French, German, and English (Canadian, British, and American).

Animation shows the Co:Writer Languages tool


Get word-by-word translation in 25+ languages.  Write in your first language, and Co:Writer will translate in real time—right in the sentence. You can also hit the microphone button and speak the words. Co:Writer will translate automatically.

Animation shows the Co:Writer Translation tool

Data Collection

See how much students are writing and their vocabulary usage. Watch 3 Minute Demo

Screenshot shows the Co:Writer Data Collection tool

NEW Support As Needed

Choose display options based on how much support is needed—from continuous word prediction (active for each letter typed) or support only when needed. The as needed option also allows Co:Writer to be used like a talking word processor.

Animation showing the support as needed feature in Co:Writer

NEW Horizontal Layout

Drag the Co:Writer window to the bottom of the window for a horizontal display.

Animation Showing the Horizontal Layout in Co:Writer

eLearning Tools

See how we support eLearning with 1) eLearning tools, 2) free implementation resources, and 3) supports for families. Find out more. 

eLearning for learning tools screenshot

Talking Word Processor

Use Co:Writer as a talking word processor. Listen to text read aloud by letter, word, and/or sentence (even when you’re not using Co:Writer for word prediction).

Co:Writer word processing animation

Leading with Co:Writer

Co:Writer® Pricing

Parents and end users, get started by credit card.

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Individual student seats managed by one educator/practitioner


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Parents and end users, get started by credit card at


Unlimited Staff + 150 students per product 


Co:Writer/Snap&Read Literacy Bundle

150 Students Co:Writer + 150 Students Snap&Read (300 seats total)


Unlimited staff + Unlimited Students + Premium Google Integrations for K-12

$0.25 to 2.00*/yr

per student seat


Co:Writer Universal was built for easy installation and quick deployment.

Districts with licenses can download and install Co:Writer at any time. Students can use Co:Writer on their personal devices. They just download the extension or app and log in.


Co:Writer Universal is designed to work across all platforms—including desktop, iOS, and Chrome. Simply put, you now have access to the Co:Writer technology you know and love no matter where you want to write! In addition to this new access, Co:Writer Universal now includes momentary topic dictionaries, updated data reporting, and shared settings.

Co:Writer Universal gives you access to Co:Writer across ALL platforms. All writings done in Co:Writer for iOS will now be available in the Chrome App. Your settings and preferences will even be shared no matter where you are writing.

The app and extension for Chrome™ work together to give students access to just about any writing situation in their Chrome environment. The app has a built in talking word processor and saves student writings. The extension works on websites outside of the Co:Writer environment, including in Google Drive, email, and blogs.

You will have to be connected to the internet to log into Co:Writer the first time, but then it can be taken offline. Co:Writer will retain your data and sync when it reconnects to the internet.

Definitely! Over 4 Million Topic Dictionaries are included in Co:Writer Universal on nearly every topic imaginable from great auk to DNA replication.

Co:Writer for iOS and Chrome App for Chrome include a built-in word processor. That means the content students write is shared right to the cloud. Your writings will automatically sync from the iOS application to the Chrome application without any additional work.

Each state has different testing accommodation requirements, but Co:Writer Universal was designed to be flexible enough to meet each one. The features can be set to comply with the state requirements then locked during the test. Not every state allows word prediction (not yet anyway)–but fortunately for students using word prediction, we’re moving in that direction!   For a more detailed answer check out our State Testing Help Site page

Resources & Support

Get the most out of Co:Writer with our how-to guides, video tutorials, and more.


Chat with a educational support specialist live, schedule a one-on-one phone call or product demonstration today.