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Flexible Options
Don Johnston’s experienced facilitators understand how students AND adults learn best. In times when hiring substitutes is NOT an option, or having the luxury of setting aside an entire day for training is out of the question, we have some flexible ways to train your staff on these top-selling literacy tools:

Workshop Sessions

  • SOLO Literacy Suite
  • Write:OutLoud
  • Co:Writer
  • Draft:Builder
  • Read:OutLoud
  • First Author
  • Start-to-Finish
  • SHIFT Implementation

Continuing Education Credits
Participants attending Don Johnston Professional Development seminars, workshops, conferences, and in-service training can earn state-approved continuing education credits, or their equivalents, in states where programs are established.

Any workshop $2,900 per day

Virtual Coaching $1,800

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Our Approaches

Classroom Coaching Our facilitator co-teaches in the teacher’s own classroom, modeling the practice of technology for instruction while also using the teacher’s planned curriculum.
Student Coaching Students and teachers sit side-by-side in your computer lab during their typical reading/writing period while our facilitator leads the training in the context of authentic, age-appropriate literacy lessons. Several classes rotate in and out over the course of the day.
Traditional Staff Training The goal is to move away from the old “expert model” where only a few people are proficient users and teachers of AT. The train-the-trainer model is your best option for building capacity. You’ll receive tons of materials and resources that will help you keep the momentum going long after we leave!We offer two types of traditional staff training:
Rotating Staff – Two to four groups rotate in and out; the content stays the same.
Full Day
– The same group stays all day learning a broader set of content.
Virtual Coaching – First Author Only  Our facilitators support teachers through two webinars and several phone meetings with an aim to see writing outcomes from students in 30 days by focusing on implementation and building teacher confidence!

Implementation Training

shift_sm Our facilitators work with your organization to create a vision, build your team,
design your PD, and keep the momentum going.
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