Dysgraphia — 5 Steps for Writing Success

Presented by: Kati McIlroy

About the Webinar

Students with dysgraphia or other significant handwriting challenges find it difficult to complete written schoolwork. Whether classes are in-person, eLearning, or hybrid, struggling writers experience a range of writing challenges including:

  1. Poor spelling and grammar
  2. Difficulty with composition
  3. Illegible handwriting
  4. Depending on adults to scribe

In this webinar recording, Kati McIlroy, an Occupational Therapist and the parent of a student with dysgraphia, shares five steps to help students overcome writing barriers:

  1. Understanding dysgraphia
  2. Screening students with a 5-minute screening tool (provided)
  3. Assessing struggling writers using the DeCoste Writing Protocol
  4. Implementing a dysgraphia toolkit in-person and through eLearning
  5. Using data to improve student outcomes

You’ll also see the latest instructional supports in Co:Writer® and Snap&Read that build writing fluency, independence, and confidence in your students—from PDF annotation, word prediction, ELL language and translation support, and voice typing/speech recognition.

About the Presenter

Kati McIlroy

Assistive Technology Specialist and an Occupational Therapist