Features to support eLearning

in Co:Writer and Snap&Read

Co:Writer and Snap&Read are constantly evolving to meet the challenges of dyslexia, dysgraphia, and other learning disabilities. They’re also working hard to give students better access to the curriculum as they engage in eLearning. The latest additions (released toward the end of 2020) take these tools even further, and when put in the hands of students, will go a long way to improve access to learning.

New in Snap&Read

Images in Outlines add to Visual Learning

Animation showing study tools including highlighting, and image selection in Snap&Read

Snap&Read gives the right tools to gather information from multiple sources, organize, take notes, and pull it together in an outline. And now Snap&Read adds a visual learning element with support for images—just click on an image with the highlighter and it is added to the outline. Then drag and drop images from your Snap&Read outline right into a Google Doc for use in writing.

New in Co:Writer

Talking Word Processor

Co:Writer word processing animation

Use Co:Writer as a talking word processor. Listen to text read aloud by letter, word, and/or sentence (even when you’re not using Co:Writer for word prediction).

Support As Needed

Animation showing the support as needed feature in Co:Writer

Choose display options based on how much support is needed—from continuous word prediction (active for each letter typed) or support only when needed. The as needed option also allows Co:Writer to be used like a talking word processor.

Horizontal Layout

Animation Showing the Horizontal Layout in Co:Writer

Drag the Co:Writer window to the bottom of the window for a horizontal display.

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