Best of 2020 - Top 5 Webinars for Special Education Administrators

Computer scree with headshots for a live panel discussion

In 2020, we ran over 50 webinars. As this calendar year comes to a close (yay 2021!), we’re bringing you the best of the best—the most popular webinars for special education administrators. They’re available on-demand for a limited time.

  1. Testing Accommodations in the Age of eLearning
  2. Tools to Bridge the eLearning Gap—How to Support Better Reading
  3. eLearning and Reading Disabilities—How to Use uPAR to Identify Students Who Need Reading Accommodations
  4. AT Today: The Role of Accommodations in Specially Designed Instruction
  5. Our Favorite Remote eLearning Strategies from Special Ed Teachers and Parents

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