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Understanding the Product

uPAR Product Demonstration
Watch a 3-minute product demonstration and find answers to your questions

uPAR Success Story — Central Community School District in Iowa
Read more to learn how the educators in DeWitt, Iowa are using uPAR data to drive their student reading success

uPAR Success Story — Lander, Wyoming
Learn how the data from uPAR changed the learning experience for this 6th grader in Lander

uPAR Success Story — Janesville, Wisconsin
Learn how Janesville uses uPAR to support Equity and Excellence throughout the district.

Understanding the Educator Dashboard

Educator Dashboard Resources

Learning to Use the Product

Show-Me-How Video Tutorials

uPAR Implementation Guide
Check out this resource to familiarize yourself with how to set up assessments in uPAR

uPAR Reference Guide
Check out this resource for step by step instructions for using uPAR

Extras and Support

PAR (Protocol for Accommodations in Reading) Download
Request the PDF version
of PAR (free) for use with students one-on-one

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