Educator Dashboard Show-Me-How Tutorials

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Inviting Educators into the Universal License

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How to Give Staff Access to a Second Universal Tool

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How to Give Students Access to a Second Universal Tool

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Deleting Student Data from Universal Tools/Privacy Mode

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How Educators Change from USERNAME to EMAIL

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Managing Educators Permission Levels

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Using Co:Writer Universal with Educator Dashboard 

Giving Students Access to Co:Writer Universal with an Email

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Co:Writer Universal Data Overview

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Using Snap&Read Universal with Educator Dashboard

Giving Students Access to Snap&Read Universal with an Email

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Snap&Read Universal Data Overview

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Using uPAR with Educator Dashboard

How to Create a uPAR Assessment

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Deleting uPAR Student Data

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Using Snap&Read Universal with Google Classroom

How To View Usage Data for Google Classroom Students

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How To Import a Google Classroom with Snap&Read Universal

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