The Case Against Assistive Technology

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“L’affaire contre la technologie d’aide”
Translated by Jean-Denis Bernier, EAO
Conseil des Écoles Catholiques du Centre-Est, Ottawa, Canada
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It’s hard to imagine not using technology every day in the real world. I can’t think of many jobs that don’t require it. In the real world, using technology is seen as being “tech-savvy.” And yet in our schools, technology is often seen as giving an unfair advantage. Only a few percent of students with disabilities ever use technology beyond word processors, web browsers, and SMART boards. It’s disheartening to see non-verbal students struggling to communicate despite the advances in augmentative communication devices. Likewise, it’s difficult to see students with dysgraphia struggling to write simple sentences with pencil and paper despite the advances in word prediction software. I hope this video plays at least a minor role in helping people think differently about assistive technology.

–– Ben Johnston

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