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The Easiest-to-Use Interface

It requires no software and can be used with Windows, Mac, and Chromebooks! Five ports allow you to plug in multiple switches and provide the flexibility of emulating everything from a single-click to a return. Consequently, your students gain access to the widest variety of switch-accessible software available. You’ll be surprised with what your students can do—run a PowerPoint presentation, play and pause a music player, and turn pages in an eBook.


Programs Up and Running in Seconds

Just push a button to change function sets. Connect up to five standard switches to run switch-enabled software from the widest variety of publishers. All the information you need to operate the switch interface is printed right on it. Teachers get programs up and running in seconds. Bright indicator lights tell teachers which functions are active. Connects to USB ports and the extra-small size makes it easy to tuck away and travel. Each interface comes with the cables needed for connecting to the computer.


  • Have immediate access to all their favorite learning software
  • Practice essential switching skills
  • Develop cause and effect and choice-making skills

Dimensions 2.5″ x 2.5″



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Switch Interface Pro 6.0 MAC/WIN Price
Single User 828WB $94.99
10-Pack 82810PKWB $899.99

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Mom to A.H
By Diane McNeil, Massachusetts

Product Setting: Home setting. Skill Development: Teach a special needs toddler to use a computer with cause & effect software & improve hand/eye coordination for child with low-tone and cognitive disabilities

I used Switch Interface Pro with my special needs, toddler son. We connected it to a one-button mouse that interfaced with cause & effect software such as Eensy & Friends and Humpty Dumpty & Friends. My son quickly learned how to interact with a computer. I like the connectivity for PC and Macintosh since we use both technologies. I like not having to worry about special software to use a product.

Assistive Tech. Specialist’s Review
By Tracy Gonzalez-Roger, California

Product Setting: Self-contained classrooms. Skill Development: Improving basic cause and effect skills in children with severe developmental delay.

I have many students who really enjoy seeing their pictures on the computer. I developed a Powerpoint presentation using their pictures and hooked the Switch Interface to the computer. With it, they were allowed to look at the pictures at their pace. They really enjoyed hitting the switch. I enjoyed the fact I didn’t have to install any software. The Switch Interface was ready to use as soon as I plugged it in.

Easy To Use Product
By Bridget MacDonald, Michigan

Product Setting: Home setting. Skill Development: Using switches with computer programs to improve cause and effect and introduce user to the computer.

This product is wonderful and so easy. We can take it from computer to computer and just plug it in to use any switch at any computer. We’ve even taken it to the library so my daughter can use her switches on the computers there. No set-up, just plug in! I love that you can hook up up to 5 switches – we’re only using 2 now but there’s room to grow. My daughter wasn’t able to access our computer before and with having absolutely no set up I can just plug in the switch interface and she can play her games! Invaluable!

Simple Computer Access
By Reviewer from Arizona

Product Setting: Self contained classroom and therapy room. Skill Development: Computer access to develop leisure skiils, language development and phonics.

This is the best switch interface I have used. There is no software to load, just plug it in and use it. My students love computer activities and needed to be more independent with interacting with leisure games as well as academic programs. Motivation to work with me increased once these students had the power to access a simple mouse click with a switch, somthing that they couldn’t do in the past…. I’ve seen other switch interfaces sitting on desks, unistalled, while mine was used and borrowed all the time.

Switch Interface Pro
By Reviewer from Virginia

Product Setting: Across school settings. Skill Development: Computer access for students with physical impairments.

We love our switch interface. It allows nearly all computer activities to become switch accessible for students with phsyical impairments. Our students use it in the classroom and computer lab. It makes the general education curriculum more accessible for our special students.

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