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Understanding the Product

Snap&Read Universal Product Demonstration
Watch a 3-minute product demonstration and find answers to your questions

Technology and Learning Magazine
Don Johnston’s new Snap&Read delivers text-to-speech in a simple package…

Understanding the Educator Dashboard

Educator Dashboard Resources

Types of Users
This guide provides descriptions of the user levels within Educator Dashboard

Getting Started with Educator Dashboard
Steps to create login accounts for each type of user within Educator Dashboard

As an Administrator (PDF)

As an Analyst (PDF)

As an Educator (PDF)

Learning to Use the Product

Show-Me-How Video Tutorials

Snap&Read Universal Quick Start
Check out this resource to familiarize yourself with the options, settings, and icons included in Snap&Read Universal

Getting Started with Snap&Read Universal
Read this brief guide to help you and your students get started using Snap&Read Universal now

Giving Students Access to Snap&Read Universal
This guide helps you understand how to give students access to accommodations like Snap&Read Universal

Snap&Read Universal Reference Guide
The how to for activating your account and managing educators and students

Giving Snap&Read Access to Files
This guide includes the steps to allow Snap&Read Universal Extension for Chrome™ users to read PDF and HTML documents saved on their computer

Train-in-5 (for Desktop)
This is your best tutorial to get teachers up and running quickly with Snap&Read for Desktop. (PDF)

Extras and Support

Download and Install Guide

This guide contains all the links to download Snap&Read Universal and includes the installation instructions for all available Snap&Read Universal products

Software Requirements
Check here to make sure your computers and operating systems are ready to run Snap&Read Universal

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