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Understanding the Product

Read:OutLoud 6 Product Demonstration
Watch a 5-minute product demonstration and find answers to your questions
*Only includes part of the full product demonstration

State Standards

Accessible Instructional Materials Field Guide
Learn how to make your curriculum accessible

Accessible Instructional Materials Planner Brochure (PDF)
What would it take to make your curriculum accessible?

Read research that supports Read:OutLoud features.

Technology & Learning Magazine
Read the SOLO Literacy Suite product review featured in the May 2007 issue.

Learning to Use the Product

Train-in-30 Tutorial
Train your teachers in just 30 minutes (really!) with this tutorial. This is your best tutorial to get teachers up and running quickly. Includes Skills Checklist. (PDF)

Show-Me-How Video Tutorials
Show-Me-How video tutorials demonstrate key Read:OutLoud 6 functions in less than a minute each.

Don Johnston’s FREE Implementation Framework
Melds proven implementation strategies with some fundamental principles of change!

Testing Accommodations
How to use Read:OutLoud for your students’ assessments.

Student Success Stories Form
Fill out Student Success Stories form to track progress (PDF)

Reading Accommodations (PDF)

Quick Card
Quickly reference common Read:OutLoud features with this Quick Card. (PDF)

Don Johnston Professional Development Designed Just for You!
Get your staff up and running quickly with Don Johnston’s proven training methods. Our trainings are available to fit your schedule. Don Johnston Professional Services has trained thousands of educators, so you can feel confident that your initiative will launch successfully.

Extras and Support

Using Student Files
Find out how Read:OutLoud 6 can use student files. (PDF)

Documentation and Support
Download product updates and manuals. Find answers to common technical support questions.

Sample Read:OutLoud Parent Letter
Letter to parents template – explains the benefits of your school’s Read:OutLoud license and take-home rights. Feel free to modify this letter to fit your needs.

CD Label for Unlimited Site License Customers
CD Label templates for take-home rights or extra copies for your site(s). This template makes it easy to print Read:OutLoud CD labels on any standard 2-up CD label sticker sheet.

Save Network Ready Files
How to Use Read:OutLoud 6 on Your Network (PDF)

Software Requirements
Check to make sure your computers and operating system will run Read:Outloud.

Read:OutLoud Assignment Templates and Outline Templates

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