Snap&Read Universal

Snap&Read Universal is text reading + text simplifying for Chrome and desktop

uPAR (Universal Protocol for Accommodations in Reading)

A smarter, faster, data-driven way to assess students for reading accommodations.

Start-to-Finish CORE Curriculum

helps teachers build phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension in the context of age-appropriate Start-to-Finish chapter books

Start-to-Finish Literacy Starters Curriculum

A curriculum program for school district leaders who believe that students with complex needs should be taught to read.

SOLO Literacy Suite

a literacy suite of the most popular assistive technology accommodations that is simple to use, yet powerful for your struggling readers and writers.

First Author Writing Software

Writing software with built in accommodations helps you turn students (ages 5-21) with complex instructional needs into first-time writers.


an easy-to-use text reader that is affordable to implement as a whole-school solution.

MEville to WEville – Don Johnston Package

an exclusive package that combines the power of MEville to WEville and the strength of the research-based Start-to-Finish® Literacy Starters content.

PAR (Protocol for Accommodations in Reading)

helps you determine the most suitable reading accommodations for specific students by assessing their individual needs.

Start-to-Finish Online Accessible Library

age-appropriate, narrative chapter books written at two readability levels that are available for your students to read online.


Meld proven implementation strategies.

Edmark Reading Program

an excellent tool to help students achieve reading success that is regarded as “the one that works” by many teaching professionals.

Start-to-Finish Literacy Starters

curriculum-tied, age-appropriate reading materials for your low incidence students.

Start-to-Finish Library (CD-ROM)

age-appropriate narrative chapter books delivered in multiple media formats designed to build reading fluency.

ELSB – Early Literacy Skills Builder

brings systematic sight word instruction to your Smartboards and classroom computers

Incite! Learning Series

a collection of original short films and a thought-provoking instruction


EPACC incorporates principles of direct instruction such as a model- lead-test format, correction procedures and the opportunity for group and individual responses.


Build targeted phonics skills.

DeCoste Writing Protocol

a systematic process to assess student handwriting and then determine the appropriate assistive technology solutions.

Simon S.I.O.

activities to nurture beginning readers and English Language Learners.


Easy-to-use management tools that give you control of the learning process

Clicker 6

Great communication tool for many ability levels.

Assistive Technology: Powerful Solutions for Success-DVD

by Brian Friedlander

What Really Matters to Struggling Readers

by Richard L. Allington

Children With Disabilities: Reading and Writing the Four Blocks Way

by Karen Erickson and David Koppenhaver.

Interventions for Reading Success

an intervention guide that is the key to helping your students grasp the ideas of early literacy.

Teaching Reading to Struggling Learners

research-based guidance to help teachers tailor strategies to students’ instructional needs.

Children’s Talking Dictionary

Reading is fundamental. Leave no child behind!

Differentiating Textbooks

by Char Forsten, Jim Grant and Betty Hollas

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