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Almost every American has seen what Thomas Jefferson looked like. His face has been on the U.S. nickel ever since 1938. But who was this man? Why do some Americans think of him as the greatest American who ever lived and why do others disagree?

The most famous thing that Thomas Jefferson did was to write the words “all men are created equal.” And yet Jefferson was a slave owner. Did he really believe what he wrote? How could he say that all men were equal and still be the owner of hundreds of slaves?

In this book, you will learn the truth about this man, and you will meet one of the greatest dreamers America has ever produced.

Follow Jefferson from his childhood in the wilderness through the darkest years of the American Revolution. Follow him from his amazing mountaintop home to the French Revolution. Follow him from love to heartbreak and into the pages of fame.

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Author: Alan Venable

Lexile Level: 830

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