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Anne Frank was only thirteen years old when she started writing the diary that would become the most famous book ever written about World War II.

Anne Frank and her family were Jews living in Nazi occupied Amsterdam. Facing Nazi persecution, Anne Frank’s family went into hiding in the attic of the building where Otto has had his business. Sharing the hideout with the Frank family was another family with a young son named Peter, and a man named Mr. Dussel. In these cramped quarters, Anne wrote faithfully in her journal until the Nazis discovered the hideout in 1944, at which point Anne and her mother and sister were taken to Auschwitz where they all died. Anne’s father, Otto, was the only one of the family who survived.

This book excerpts Anne’s diary, but it also puts the diary in its historical context. Your students will finish this book having gained an understanding of the events of World War II Europe.

Title Info

Author: Alan Venable

Guided Reading Level: M

Lexile Level: 540

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