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In this story, a cancer research center in St. Louis has asked Nick Ford to find seeds from native grasses in Missouri. His search takes Nick and the kids to a pioneer cemetery where Ken and Jeff learn that someone is digging up old graves. The tombstone of every disturbed grave marks the death of a man in 1862.

Kris and Mandy drive to Hannibal, Missouri to research the events of 1862. They learn about Mark Twain and about the Civil War. They learn that, in Missouri, members of the same family were often on opposite sides in the war. Someone is digging up the graves to rob Civil War artifacts. Nick and the boys go to the sheriff for help, but soon learn that the sheriff is one of the robbers.

The story introduces the reader to the geography of Missouri, the Civil War, Mark Twain and his celebrated characters, Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.

Title Info

Author: Jerry Stemach

Guided Reading Level: L

Lexile Level: 200

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