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The night Julia Stoner died, Miss Helen Stoner heard a scream and rushed to her twin sister’s bedroom. The door flew open and Julia Stoner was standing in the doorway, swaying back and forth. She screamed, “It was the band! The speckled band!” Then she fell over and died.

Julia Stoner died just after becoming engaged to be married. After the marriage, she was to receive a large inheritance. Now, her sister, Helen, has become engaged, and she is terrified for her life. Can Holmes discover what happened to Julia Stoner in time to save Helen from the same dreadful fate?

What is the speckled band? Is it a band of gypsies? Is it thin piece of speckled fabric? Holmes and Watson face a cruel and calculating man and a highly unusual murderer in this, the most terrifying mystery of Holmes’ career.

Title Info

Original author: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Retold by author: John Bergez

Guided Reading Level: M

Lexile Level: 510

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