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Greek Myths II recounts some of the most vivid tales in all of mythology. Whereas Greek Myths I contained tales of the major Greek gods, this book focuses on minor gods and human offspring of the gods. Don’t be fooled by the word, “minor” however. The tales in this book are actually some of the most famous of Greek myths.

From Pandora’s box, to the creation of mankind, and from Orpheus and Euridice to the labors of Hercules, the tales contained in this book are so archetypal that versions of them continue to appear, even in modern writing.

Told in a rich, energetic style, full of action and dialogue, this retelling is sure to engage your students. Readers will certainly benefit from the background information in Greek Myths I, but can also enjoy Greek Myths II without it. Note that these stories, just as when the original poets told them, are full of glory and wisdom, but they also contain some promiscuity and mischief.

Title Info

Author: Noe Venable

Guided Reading Level: R

Lexile Level: 690

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