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Scientist Viktor Frankenstein has always dreamed of discovering the secret of life. Then one day, after weeks of exacting research and gory work, he succeeds. But his creature, which seemed beautiful on the operating table, is monstrous when it opens its yellow eyes. Frankenstein flees the creature in terror, leaving him alone to first experience the world.

As the creature wanders in search of the man who made him, he comes to hate men for their cruelty. When man and creature meet again, Frankenstein is forced to face the implications of his presumptuous act, for the creature is determined to make Frankenstein suffer as he has suffered.

This cautionary tale of the tragedy that ensues when a scientist attempts to tamper with nature is the greatest Gothic novel ever written.

Title Info

Original author: Mary Shelley
Retold by author: John Bergez

Guided Reading Level: M

Lexile Level: 470

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