First Author Writing Curriculum

the first dedicated writing curriculum designed to bring comprehensive writing instruction to self-contained and autism classrooms

Co:Writer Universal

​Your favorite word prediction on iPad, Chromebook, and Desktop—all for ONE PRICE!​

Start-to-Finish Literacy Starters Curriculum

A curriculum program for school district leaders who believe that students with complex needs should be taught to read.

Co:Writer 7

Our most popular product! This word prediction tool has a 20-year track record of helping students write better with proper spelling, grammar, and vocabulary.

First Author Writing Software

Writing software with built in accommodations helps you turn students (ages 5-21) with complex instructional needs into first-time writers.

MEville to WEville – Don Johnston Package

an exclusive package that combines the power of MEville to WEville and the strength of the research-based Start-to-Finish® Literacy Starters content.

Edmark Reading Program

an excellent tool to help students achieve reading success that is regarded as “the one that works” by many teaching professionals.

Start-to-Finish Literacy Starters

curriculum-tied, age-appropriate reading materials for your low incidence students.


Write:OutLoud 6 is so simple to use you can train teachers in just 30 minutes with our new tutorial.

Switch Interface Pro 6.0

The easiest-to-use switch interface — plug and play on Mac, Windows, and Chromebooks!


Improv is a new augmentative communication framework driven by Co:Writer technology.

ELSB – Early Literacy Skills Builder

brings systematic sight word instruction to your Smartboards and classroom computers

First Author Small Classroom Switch Bundle

Bring writing to your students with physical disabilities.

First Author Workstation Bundle

Set up an accessible writing workstation.

Hover Mounting System for iPad

Hover is made from ultra light and strong carbon fiber.  At 1.1 pounds, Hover is 50% lighter than conventional mounting systems.  The kit includes a plate to mount the iPad (1st through 4th generation).


Build targeted phonics skills.

Simon S.I.O.

activities to nurture beginning readers and English Language Learners.

Switch Access Bundle

Several types of switches and Press-to-Play cause and effect software.

Clicker 6

Great communication tool for many ability levels.


Transform any book in your library into a switch-adapted audio book in minutes!

GoTalk 9+

GoTalk 9+ is a lightweight and rugged communication device that holds messages that you record into the device.

GoTalk 20+

GoTalk 20+ is a lightweight and rugged communication device, with a 100 message capacity PLUS five “core messages which stay the same on each level.

GoNow Case for iPad

The ergonomically designed GoNow Case lets you give a student an iPad with confidence.


by Inclusive TLC

Latitude Mounting System

The Latitude mounting system will provide everything necessary to mount your iDevice.

Rugged iPad Case

AbleNet´s rugged iPad case is designed to provide maximum protection for your iPad. Whether it´s in the classroom, home, or just about any other environment, you can rest assured that your investment in the iPad is protected.

Test Me Score Me

by SoftTouch

Songs I Sing at Preschool

by SoftTouch

My Own Bookshelf

Quickly create supportive books for students.

Simply Works

by Inclusive TLC

Wheels on the Bus

by SoftTouch

Old MacDonald’s Farm Deluxe

by SoftTouch

Switching on Science: Solar Systems

by SoftTouch

BIGtrack & BIGtrack Switch Adapted

by Infogrip

Optima Joystick

by Pretorian

Big Red Twist

by AbleNet

Potato Face

by Marblesoft

KidTRAC Switch Adapted

KidTRAC is a sturdy, full–sized three button trackball that’s adjustable for right– or left–handed use.  The switch adapted version allows up to three switches to be used in place of each button.

Early Learning Suite 2.1

by Marblesoft

Cinema II – Life Skills

by Judy Lynn Software

Attention Getter/Attention Teens

by SoftTouch

Cause & Effect Cinema

by Judy Lynn Software

All-Turn-It Spinner

by AbleNet


by AbleNet

Optima Trackball

by Pretorian

Jelly Beamer Twist

by AbleNet

Big Beamer Twist

by AbleNet


Compass uses eight skill tests in three input device domains (pointing, text entry, and switch use).

PowerLink 4

by AbleNet

Spec Switch

by AbleNet

Battery Adapter

by Don Johnston Incorporated

Teach Me to Talk

Uses rhyme, rhythm, and repetition to help students learn language.


Easy-to-use software that teaches basic single-switch skills.

Keyboard Labels

by Meeting the Challenge

Magic Touch

by KeyTec, Incorporated


by Clearly Superior

Talking Brix

by AbleNet

Switch Adapted Mouse

by Infogrip

Universal Mount

by AbleNet

Jelly Bean Twist

by AbleNet

Clevy Keyboard

By BNC Distribution

BASS Switch

by Don Johnston Incorporated


by Pretorian

AnyBook™ Anywhere

Lets you “read” to your student, whenever he or she desires.

n-ABLER Joystick

by Pretorian

Shop ’till You Drop

by SoftTouch

Single Switch Games

by Marblesoft


by Inclusive TLC.

Single Switch Software

by Marblesoft

Teen Tunes Plus

by SoftTouch

LITTLE Step-by-Step Gameplay

Make any game an accessible game in just a few minutes. Includes three modes.

Switch Basics

by SoftTouch

n-ABLER Trackball

by Pretorian

Teaching AccessAbility

by SoftTouch

Switching on Science: Earth

by SoftTouch

Switching on American History

by SoftTouch

Sensor Switch

by Don Johnston Incorporated

Switching on Science: Habitats

by SoftTouch

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