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Two ways to buy First Author Writing Software

  1. NEW! Unlimited Site License Subscription 
  2. Single or Multiple Computer Licenses (as low as $159.31 per computer)

NEW! Unlimited Site License Subscription — truly the least restrictive option!

Universal access to key accommodations—it’s a dream for implementation. Our new Unlimited Site License Subscription gives your school(s) unlimited access to key tools for an affordable monthly rate—often less than your cell phone bill!


  • Schoolwide access
  • Low monthly price
  • Subscription covers software updates and new features
  • Easier budget planning
  • Get the updated versions even faster
  • All students and teachers are covered with one low cost
  • Complimentary IT and deployment support
  • Includes take-home rights
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Single or Multiple Licenses

First Author Writing Software Code Price/Computer
1 – 4 Computers P76WB $179.00 ea.
5 – 9 Computers P76SLWB $166.47 ea.
10 – 19 Computers P76SLWB $159.31 ea.
20+ Computers P76SLWB Call or request a quote online for your best price!

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