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New!  Edmark Reading Online – Second Edition

Edmark Online Second Edition

Edmark Reading Program has been around for decades. In this time, it has become highly regarded by many teachers and administrators. The program uses a sight word approach teach emergent reading skills.

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The Edmark Reading Program has long helped beginning readers of all ages who need an alternative to phonics to learn to read. The key to this success is the program’s use of a carefully sequenced, highly repetitive word recognition method combined with errorless learning. The program motivates students by breaking learning into steps that ensure that even the poorest readers achieve over 90% accuracy. This approach eliminates incorrect responses and helps students view themselves as readers.

The Edmark Reading Program serves as a sole reading program or as a supplement to a phonics-based or other type of reading program. In Level 1, students learn 150 frequently seen sight words from kindergarten and Grade 1 reading levels and the endings -s, -ed, and -ing. In Level 2, students learn an additional 200 words from Grades 1–3 reading levels.

Students begin by recognizing and reading a new word in isolation and then in the context of phrases, sentences, and stories. They use their newly learned words in a variety of reading activities to reinforce new learning, ensure automatic word recognition, and facilitate the generalization of their reading skills to new and varied situations.

Print and Edmark Online

The program is available in print and as Edmark Online, a web-based software version. Each version can be used independently or in combination, providing educators with versatile tools to help students achieve reading success. The print and online versions have the same lesson structure in the same lesson sequence.

Edmark Online is provided through individual student seat licenses.

Each student has access to the full range of Level 1 and Level 2 Core programs, AND
Each student has access to all of the Supplements including Spelling, Comprehension,Take-Away Readers, Homework, and Bingo.

Compatible With iPads, Tablets, Laptops, and Desktop Computers!

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Seats associated with an access code cannot be split between accounts.
Subscriptions purchased now expire July 31, 2018.

Reading Level: K–3
Interest Level: K–12


Quick Start Guides

Program Overview

The Mastery Test

Word Recognition

5-Word Practice


Picture Match (Level 1)

Phrase Match (Levels 1 & 2)

Functional reading experience

Comprehension activities


Take-Away Readers

Reporting Tools include:

  • Progress Monitoring Report—indicates individual or whole class progress on assigned activities
  • Item Analysis Report—indicates items correct and incorrect within an activity
  • Student Progress Report—indicates date of assignment, name of assignment, and % correct
  • Mastery Test Report—progress graphs indicate student’s % of words read and mastery across word groups for multiple test dates and recommendations

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Edmark Reading Program – Online Version
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Edmark Reading Program Online
Level 1 and 2 included
1 Student Seat Annual Subscription 14601 $129.00
5 Student Seats Annual Subscription 14605 $325.00
10 Student Seats Annual Subscription 14610 $600.00
25 Student Seats Annual Subscription 14625 $1375.00
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Edmark Reading Program – Print Version
*Edmark Print Version Only* Code Price
Edmark Level 1 ERP01PWB $599.00
Edmark Level 2 ERP02PWB $599.00
Edmark Level 1 and Level 2 Print Version Bundle B77WB $1078.00

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LBS Edmark Review
By Reviewer from Illinois

Product Setting: Instructional classroom. Skill Development: I use the program to improve sight word recognition and ability to follow directions.

This product has helped my students improve their sight vocabulary. They enjoy the the various activities and often have favorites. We refer to the character as “the Professor”. My students are always delighted when they find one of the “Professor words” in their reading texts.

LA Edmark Review
By Reviewer from Illinois

Product Setting: Special education classroom. Skill Development: Improve reading skills of students with cognitive disabilities

The students increase their sight word vocabulary and basic reading skills while enjoying the program activities. The graphics are engaging and the materials help to make learning fun.

Using Edmark
By Diane Summerlin, Alabama

Product Setting: Resource room. Skill Development: Improving reading outcomes for struggling readers

I have used this program for many years. We decided to use it with children in elementary grades who have not had success in other basals and programs. Students in this program always have success. I am currently using it with 2 boys. They are pleased with their progress and have said “I can read now!”.

Reading Curriculum for Students With Autism
By Kaisa Weathers, California

Product Setting: Self-contained classroom K-2. Skill Development: Improve reading comprehension and word recognition for students with autism.

This program increases word recognition quickly while assessing comprehension. I really like how the program teaches single words and quickly goes into reading phrases. Where the program jumps ahead too quickly, the teacher can supplement lesson (ie. assuming knowledge of prepositions). Almost all of my students are benefiting from the Edmark lessons. I like that each student works at their own level and at their own pace. The materials are difficult to manage when using in a classroom setting with multiple students, however this program meets the needs of a wider variety of learners than other programs I have tried.

James on Edmark Reading Program Level 1
By reviewer from Pennsylvania

Product Setting: This software is used in an early years (8-12) autistic classroom to aid students in developing their reading skills. Skill Development: The handful of students using this software often times have trouble keeping focused in their reading programs, the presentation of material keeps these students more attentive over some previous solutions.

The software itself has worked for a couple years now pretty flawlessly. The kids really enjoy the characters and animation throughout. The only hang up is coming across a newly developed audio problem that is only occurring in Edmark, and unfortunately after starting at the Don Johnston website for support, was directed to Houghton Mifflin who no longer support this product.

Judy’s Review Level 1
By reviewer from Florida

Product Setting: Self contained classroom. Skill Development: improve reading outcomes for intellectually disabled students.

Have used this product for many years and it’s a wonderful way for non-readers and severely dyslexic students to feel successful in quickly learning words. I have always wished that the program started with words found at the beginning of Dolch word lists. My beginning students sometimes read words that general ed. K-1 students wouldn’t necessarily know, but they don’t know early Dolch words which would help them test a bit higher on assessments or even help them pick up a low-level book and read it. This repetitive system works far better for sight word instruction than flash cards or any other method I’ve tried.

Shannon’s EDMARK Level 1 Review
By Shannon Belmonte, Indiana

Product Setting: Direct instruction Reading-Special Education Room. Skill Development: Improve reading outcomes for students with mild cognitive delays, learning disabilities, and Autism.

Before I started using the program, I had been struggling for 13 months to teach my youngest group their letters and letter sounds using various strategies. After many, many struggles and not much success my supervisor recommended the EDMARK reading program. After only 3 months my struggling students not only know all of their letters but are reading simple sentences. I have one student who recently received mastered the first four word groups and another that mastered the first 10. I am very impressed with the program and highly recommend it to any and all special education teachers.

TRC Edmark Review
By Nancy Bernotatis, Ohio

Product Setting: Home setting and computer lab in the Assistive Technology Services office. Skill Development: To improve reading skills for a child with autism and for young adults with disabilities.

Child, age 12 with autism, likes the graphics and is progressing rapidly through the program. The young adult with disabilities has articulation problems and repeating what the Edmark Reading program has said is improving her clarity.

Sheri’s Edmark Experience!
By Reviewer from Michigan

Product Setting: Inclusion Classroom. Skill Development: Improve reading outcomes for students with autism.

Excellent program for all students. Students love to do Edmark! They love the consistency and the flow of the program. All students I’ve used this product with have increased their reading level by leaps and bounds while also increasing their sight word vocabulary. My students know what days and times we work on the Edmark Reading Program. They hate it if I’m absent!

Sandy’s Writer Review
By Sandy Hamlet, Colorado

Product Setting: Pull-out classroom. Skill Development: Building basic sight words for kids with severe cognitive needs non readers who received extensive phonemic instruction.

I use this program with a group of students. Each student goes through a rotation on the program twice daily. This is followed by worksheets that review the skills introduced on the software program. These students have a variety of disabilities, but they are all low cognitively. Many have had phonemic instruction and still did know letters or sounds. The Edmark program allows these students to see whole words in a repetitive manner. After experiencing some success with learning words they start to pick up on the basic beginning letter sounds and then move forward. The simplistic worksheets offer an opportunity for students to work independently because it is the same material they have seen. Many like the ability to work independently.

Barbara’s Edmark Review
By Barbara Stimson, Colorado

Product Setting: Gen ed classroom, learning lab and self-contained classroom. Skill Development: Improved initial reading for Edmark 1, having a rote reading vocabulary for reading and spelling for students who are having great difficulty reading phonetically, increased reading comprehension for both levels.

Highly successful, gives students immediate success that translates to use in the general education classroom.

Perry Writer Review
By Reviewer from Maine

Product Setting: One-to-one. Skill Development: Reading program for autistic children.

We use this product for 2 autistic children – one extremely bright and one fairly low. It has worked equally well for both students. They are both working ahead of their same grade peers.

Reading Motivation
By Nicole Ward, California

Product Setting: Students with significant disabilities in a public school setting. Skill Development: Make reading accessible for students with significant disabilities.

I teach middle school students with significant cognitive delay. Often my students have had little to no success with reading until I try the Edmark program, especially the computer program. This program seems to motivate and encourage students and shows them the benefit and excitement related to learning to read.

Excellent Results Using Edmark
By Linda Goode-Rees, Nevada

Product Setting: I have used this Edmark Reading for many years in a primary resource room. Skill Development: My students who have problems with limited attention problems (autism).
and have problems decoding words have done very well with Edmarks straightforward and methodical approach. This program has been very successful with my students who have severe speech problems. Edmark Spelling is also presented in a simplistic and methodical method and my students do well with the straight forward approach.

I have a 2nd grader who has been diagnosed with autism. Although his attention span is very limited, he does well reading with Edmark and the blinder helps to keep him focused. The lessons are short enough that they hold his attention. I am going to order the second level since we have been so successful with the first level.

Edmark Reading: Awesome!
By Reviewer from Florida

Product Setting: Self-Contained Classroom. Skill Development: Improved reading levels for students with ASD.

I have used Edmark Reading Level 1 and 2 in my classroom for years with great success. I was surprised at how quickly my students read the words and were able to generalize the text in other environments. They loved the computer software as it was interactive and motivating. I saw several students go from a pre-primer reading level to a first grade reading level.

Edmark Reading Program Review
By Reviewer from Minnesota

Product Setting: Federal Setting 3 classroom. Skill Development: Improve reading outcomes for students with cognitive disabilities.

These products are incredible. Edmark has helped several of my non-reading students become readers. I had one student who was a 14 year old non-reader. When I started him on the program, he thought it was a great game. Then, he learned to read his favorite word–horse. He was beyond thrilled. Other students will request to “play that reading game” for a reward. Kids love it and so do I.

Computer version is great!
By Sally Gustafson, Wisconsin

Product Setting: Inclusion classroom and self-contained classroom. Skill Development: Improve sight word reading and reading comprehension for students who have cognitive disabilities, language delays, autism and other health impairments.

I work with students in grades kindergarten through 3rd grade who have cognitive disabilities, language delays, autism and other health impairments. By the time the students reach the middle or end of 1st grade, many are unable to make adequate gains in reading following the districts approach. I have had great success with the Edmark Reading Level 1 software in that students gain confidence and are entertained by the high interest direct instruction method used. 33% of my students made gains of two grade levels within a years time.

Rita: Writer Review
By Reviewer from Arkansas

Product Setting: Special education classroom. Skill Development: Improve reading outcomes for my son challenged by multi-sensory processing disorder and langauge disorder.

My son is enrolled in the Conway Public School District in Conway, AR. He began using the program during the current school year. My son is learning to recognize words and he’s learning sentence structure and at age 8 is beginning to read.

Edmark Reading Program Level 1 and Level 2
By Reviewer from Vermont

Product Setting: Resource room- Elementary School. Skill Development: Reading vocabulary development and confidence in struggling readers.

This program gives amazing results in such a short time! Students see themselves as readers from the first lesson! Instruction through the computer is a win-win for kids who are convinced they can’t read and only computer/video type games are any fun. The worksheets add a nice review and take home for bragging rights component. I love the Edmark Reading Program.

Jackie B. Ohio Teacher
By Reviewer from Ohio

Product Setting: Self-Contained classroom. Skill Development: Improve reading skills for students with autism.

Students have made gains from sight word repertoire to paragraph reading

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