Draft:Builder breaks down the writing process into three manageable steps: 1) outlining, 2) note-taking and 3) writing the first draft. With this structure, students learn to generate ideas and organize them to form a cohesive paper.

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C’s Draft:Builder Review
By Reviewer from California

Product Setting: Inclusion classroom. Skill Development: Improve organization for students with executive skill difficulties

This program has been helpful to motivate and structure writing.

Tricia’s Draft Builder Review
By Reviewer from California

Version: Draft:Builder SE. Product Setting: Self-contained classroom. Skill Development: Improve organization for students with a wide-variety of learning challenges.

Draft:Builder is a program that allows me to create the scafolded structure my students need to create coherent written products. Left to their own devises, my students’ independent writing samples lack sequence and often fail to posses the basic components of paragraph structure. Draft Builder allows me to build a frame for them to follow and provide prompting every step of the way even when I can’t be there standing over their shoulder watching them write.

K’s Draft:Builder SE Review
By Reviewer from Virginia

Version: Draft:Builder SE. Product Setting: Inclusion and self-contained settings. Skill Development: To support the writing process for students with autism and learning disabilities.

The templates included in Draft:Builder are very helpful to teachers. They provide a fast and effective way to offer support for their students who have difficulty organizing and composing written work. Students benefit from the embedded written prompts as well as the auditory feedback and visual format.

Cheryl’s Draft Builder Review
By Reviewer from Connecticut

Version: Draft:Builder SE. Product Setting: I am in the process of getting Draft:Builder installed on every computer in our building (High School) It is also used by a few students at home. Skill Development: Improve writing/organization with all students – regular ed and special ed.

I use it regularly. I gave two presentations to the staff on staff development days. I have one student who was a non-writer at the start of the year and now uses the program to write three to five paragraph essays.

WE WANT SOLO! (Draft:Builder)
By Reviewer from Illinois

Version: Draft:Builder SE. Product Setting: We have tried this product in several buildings and had presentations for principals and special education program coordinators. Several of the secondary buildings have written proposals for using the SOLO in their computer labs for ALL the students, not only students with IEPs. Public school setting.

Skill Development: Writing skills… organization and organizers for 3 and 5 paragraph themes.

This product has been used for training students for practice on the writing prompt for state assessments!

Susan’s Draft Builder-SOLO Review
By Susan Kuchta, Maryland

Version: Draft:Builder SE. Product Setting: Home setting. Skill Development: improve writing organization and planning and assist in starting writing- for student with executive function challenges.

Hard to follow instructions for use, details of installation and usage were sketchy, seems a little outdated.

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